As developers we develop, plan and create projects of all kinds from scratch, generating turnkey projects. In this respect, we provide experience as a construction company in structural calculations, design and installation and marketing if necessary.

Developer residential areas

At Marvel Constructions we are not only a construction company but we also execute our own developments which allows us not only to create customised and modern projects but also to research and test new state of the art materials. This process of research and testing of new materials is carried out both on site and in installations, and once tested, allows us to recommend these solutions to our clients for their future projects.


That is why both investors and buyers can trust MARVEL to buy in Malaga.

Our work

Marvel Construction Solutions

    • We involve our client in the project.

    • We listen to your proposals and needs.

    • Sustainable construction to save money in housing.

    • Committed to the environment.

    • State-of-the-art and sustainable designs.
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